The Grow-and-Go
Cultivating System.

AgriPaks are portable, modular and sustainable greenhouses that are approximately 8 ft by 12 ft, produced in the Heartland of America and folded flat for transportation. Manufactured of steel with Polycarbonate panels, AgriPaks provide a uniquely flexible solution to meet your agricultural needs.


How It Works

Learn more about how the AgriPak comes ordered, and how quickly you can set it up.

Patented Plant Portability

AgriPaks fold flat to approximately 24 inches, which allows for 24 units to be stacked on a flatbed for cost-efficient transportation.  Once on-site, two people can easily and quickly assemble the units in about two hours.  Should the need arise, fully assembled AgriPaks can be transported with plants inside, making it the ONLY uniquely patented, portable greenhouse!  Later, if not needed, simply disassemble the AgriPaks into a flat state and store for future use.

Shipped as a kit to be assembled


Ship up to 24 units on a 48-foot trailer


Easy pop-up assembly and disassembly


Suited for Remote Areas



AgriPaks can be created in multiple configurations based upon the basic 8 ft by 12 ft unit, and fold flat to 24 inches. Units can be configured side-by-side, end-to-end, or both. Additional units can be added as your business dictates.

Configure AgriPaks your way.

Bring growing, processing and retail into one footprint.


AgriPaks are designed for long-term durability, manufactured with steel frames and Polycarbonate panels. All side and end panels are the same size and can be easily replaced should the need arise. It leaves no footprint—no foundation required. You can configure your AgriPaks for off-the-grid requirements—it readily integrates with solar panels and water reclamation systems. AgriPaks can withstand snow and wind loads, with optional tie-down kits for use in harsh environments.

Off-the-grid operation in any environment


Interchangeable panels


No digging required


Easy relocation, even while assembled



Because AgriPaks are modular, sustainable, and portable, they offer a tremendous value to the consumer. In addition to significant transportation savings, AgriPaks are economical to buy and maintain and are easily assembled and expandable to meet growing demands.
  • Cost-efficient solutions for a wide range of agricultural needs. Easy assembly significantly reduces labor costs.
  • Portability offers economical transportation costs. 8 by 12 foot units fold flat to 24 inches for travel, reducing transportation costs by 80%.
  • Non-permanent structure provides tax relief.
  • Accessories offer 100% off-the-grid capabilities.
  • Relocate as a complete unit with crop inside.


  • 8 feet wide
  • 11 feet, 10 inches long
  • 10 feet, 9 inches tall
  • Folds flat to 24 inches tall
  • About 1500 lbs
  • Panels are 8mm thick
  • Glossy black paint (standard)

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We’re passionate about industrial design, and have created something unique to serve the needs of backyard growers and commercial farmers. We can’t wait to see the innovative uses our customers find for the AgriPak.

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